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Trendy 2016 short hairstyles for women over 50

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You know just how women are sensible about haircuts. If the hair is good, and makeup is good, than nothing in the world is a problem. But what when older ladies want wrong haircuts? Let’s see about that.

Is it wrong to be short?

Ladies, you probably wonder if you should have a new hairdo, because spring is on its way and you should alter your style a bit. I say go for it, and go for short! Why short? Because 2016 short hairstyles for women over 50 will be trendy, sexy and so well accepted that you will be very happy by having one of yours. Short is good for so many reasons; maintenance, hair drying, does not pose morning messy hair problems, easy to style, easier to wash. Is there anything else I forgot? Think not. Well, in that case, you know the benefits, but what about wrong hairstyling? Can short hair be disastrous?

Be careful

When it’s about short hair, you must know that it can be both great and poor, depending on your hairdresser and your face shape. I would recommend 2016 short hairstyles for women over 50 who have oval or round face. If you have round face, try to break your forehead roundness with side bangs. You can apply wax too and sweep bangs hair to the side. For square faces, I would not recommend short haircuts, but instead a combination of short and medium elements, preferably round bob.